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So, here it is. (First line fail D:) This comic is going to be a long-term project that I'm beginning over this summer to pass the time. My main focus on this series is on quality, quality, quality. I want to make the art and, of course, the story the best I can do.

It is the very distant future. Three youths are working as officers of the famed organization called the Universal Deliverance Company - considered the most hazardous job in the galaxy with roughly a 40% mortality rate. When these three stumble upon a strange and desolate planet in the farthest corner of the Milky Way, they make an unprecedented discovery. Their findings just might uncover the mysterious veil that shrouds the far reaches of humanity's past...

If you guys have any questions at all about the series (whether something should be clarified or if you just want to find out more about the concepts), be free to contact me through comments or PMs and I might answer them on a bonus page between chapters.

All textures used in this comic are credited to mayang.com and cgtextures.com (great sites!). Most space images I use are from hubblesite.org (If you have the time, visit it! It's probably the most amazing site you will ever see!). Any other images used are credited to their respective owners.

The comic itself belongs to yours truly. Enjoy! :D

UPDATE (September 18): Fixed some art in the first couple of pages. Since so much thought and effort has gone into the design and background of Motherland, I'll include a little "Fun Fact" in the caption of every page. Read them to find out the little things of Motherland!

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