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*EDIT* NEW COVER! The old one was a piece of crap. Wanted a more graphic novel look.

So, I actually started making a manga thing... yeah. I mixed the Japanese anime-ish style with western looking influences, look realistic and sketchy... try to make it look unique, y'know. OK, um, this is my first unofficial comic or manga or whatever you want to call it. This is actually kind of a practice manga, I wasn't really serious about it at first and I'm just playing around with drawing styles and technique. Well, let's see how it turns out

Edit: I forgot the basics of comic viewing content. I want to make sure that people will know what they are getting into before they read.

Read this left to right like a normal American book, 'cause I can't draw right to left, it's confusing and I mess up @[email protected]

Rated PG-13 for some indecent language and violence. I will even censor some words if I have to/am asked to. This is an action/drama shonen, I guess you could call it. It's got a lot of fighting in it... so I guess it is also a martial arts genre too, lol. Haven't seen one on here yet, I don't think. Anyway, even if I can't legally copyright it, I am entitled to the basic rights and rules of ownership, so please don't steal. I will send a rabid devil wolf to eat you.

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