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Pokemon Mutation
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Recently one of my younger brothers got a flash drive with about a hundred cool techno songs. He let me copy them to my computer. While I was sitting there listening to the music, suddenly inspiration hit! and I thought: I should make a picture of a Pokemon person! I couldn't stop at just one, I was on a artist high(no seriously!) and to the music I began to write this fan comic. I actually only have an idea on what is going to happen, but i guess I'll play it by ear.

I haven't figured out what to call these Poke-people yet(Poke-people sounds a little lame to me)my sister Sabriella said maybe they will call themselves one thing and the humans will refer to them with another name.

I seriously need to re-color the cover

Comments and suggestions are much appreciated!

I wanted to add that I do not own the rights to Pokemon, Ash, Pikachu, Brock, May, Max, and the rest of the cast.
I created the gijinka characters in this comic. Based on Pokemon.

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