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Ugh... have to type the description all over again, so I'll kinda make it short

This is what happened after Julio Cesar Hernandez AKA Tobi's boyfriend AKA my friend AKA Madara (I'm saying his name because there are a ton of Julios, Cesars, and Hernandezs and some even with his entire name yoo ._.' it's very common) tried to give her a piggyback ride... but ended up dropping her on the ground after a few feet... AGAIN (he's done this before to her... >>')
Well afterwards, she tries to fall asleep and he does a ton of things to wake her up and then results in grabbing her boob -.-' so this happens...

NO! I DIDN'T GRAB TOBI'S BOOBS! T_T I have a girlfriend and I am loyal to her, I'd never do something like that. I'd never do something as stupid as that to screw up our relationship. Even if Madara was joking (I'm really serious, he kept trying to get me to touch Tobi's boobs ._.'). :D my girlfriend and I have claim to each other though so I'd be okay with that lol *shot*

XD hope you had a good laugh
If you Fav, PLEASE also Hug. Because I like hugs and people have been neglecting to give me hugs D:
:3 comments are thanked in advance

Dedicated to Tobi XD the causer of all of this

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