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Jubaku's Curse Volume 1
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During the Sinnoh league Paul finds himself in a lonely mountain village. While passing through he basicly get's kidnapped by a woman claiming that she is helping him.
The girl goes by the name Noelle. She tells him of a curse that had been placed on the village and all humans that enter the village by the legendary Pokémon Jubaku. A long time ago Jubaku the curse had a sister named Chiyu the cure. The two of them had the ability to transform into human girls. When the village was being settled they had a desire to live among the humans and were found as human girls. When they revealed themselves as Pokémon the villagers feared them and tortured them. Unable to hate and fight back against the humans, Chiyu took the pain until she was killed. Immersed her in rage Jubaku killed many of the settlers and planned to torture the rest through fear forever. For those who got caught in her trap would be the one who would destroy them all.

Rated 16+ for violence and bad language

Pokemon Fan Comics
ash, brock, chiyu, cure, curse, dawn, hikari, ikarishipping, jubaku, paul, pokemon, satoshi, shinji, takashi
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