AnimeArchAngel (Fan Comic Portfolio) AnimePulse Episode 25: Isn't that nice nice?

This is a little comic for my favorite podcasters, Ichigo and Batou! This conversation occurred a few weeks ago during episode 25 of the theOtaku podcast. I thought it was really funny, and a few days later I had the idea to turn it into a fan comic. And here it is! I've been working on it for a little while now, and I finally finished it today.

If you can't read my handwriting, this is what it says.

Ichigo: Alright, let's jump right in with comments from last week's episode. I want to first start off by-
Batou: Hey Ichigo...
Ichigo: What?
Batou: I just wanted to let you know, an orphanage burned down. Isn't that nice nice?
Ichigo: That is nice nice. Good times good times. Right? Except not really-
Batou: You disgust me. You're ssssick.

The whole joke was that Ichigo says good times all the time, and accidentally said it after saying something about SomeGuy being sick. So Batou was just teasing him about it xP

I used a bit of reference for their hair from their Sakura Con 2008 video. They don't really look like the actual Ichigo and Batou, but I tried :P

Comments and constructive criticism are highly appreciated! :D

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