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--War is what comes of giving men power and guns--however, this is the story of giving idiots a truck load of weapons--wait- what?! wut the hell is this? man, eff this! i am not gonna be the dirtbag to advertise this crap!
--hey man?
--who's gonna give the down low on this comic?
--screw it
--(everybody leaves)

--inspired by "Halo" by Microsoft and "Red vs Blue" at

Here are the 3 sides of the story- the red team, the blue team, and the guy caught in the cross fire. These idiots were dumped in the middle of nowhere with ammo, food, water, shelter, and guns and given an order- team up, kill one another, and you go home. simple enough, right? after all, there's only seven of em! well, these morons are just dumb enough to screw that up.

get this straight- there isn't romance, there will be harsh language n stuff rated T, and this comic was made for days when i can't draw worth crap so it's gonna look like $h!t.

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