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Ray Akira was a normal teenager until one unfortunate night changed his life. Before his very eyes he saw his parents and younger brother dead and covered with blood. A vampire killed them. When he was frozen in place a beautiful maiden bit into his neck and he became a vampire. Now, he has a great desire of drinking people's blood. He cannot stop his thirst for it. One day when he was lying on the streets in a black hooded jacket, hungry for more blood. A young 16 year old vampire girl saw him. She told him to gather all the vampires who aren't pure blooded. She also told him they could be in danger because they might die of hunger if they aren't turned into a real vampire, and not on a low rank such as this, they could actually die if they don't drink enough blood. Unless, he trusts her, his fate will be death. It's a matter of life or death! Who knows what he'll choose! Read the manga and you'll know what this story is truly about!


Ok! Hope everyone will enjoy! If you didn't know, I'm gonna turn all my animes into mangas. And I'll also be submitting them on TheO! So I hope everyone enjoys them. Oh, yeah. This is one of my original animes by the way! It's a manga about vampires! Woohoo! Just so everyone knows, I will be doing the manga all by myself! So I hope it will turn out ok.

Manga & everything by~ Macaiah(me)

Original Anime and Manga Fan Comics
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