Ryuchu (Fan Comic Portfolio) Lessons From a Vegtable

Why yes, I AM made of lame, thank you ever so much for asking! :D

I bet ya that about...3 people (if I'm lucky) will understand what's going on in this comic, but that's why I'm here, to explain all the crazy ideas that float around in my head! :3

M'kay, so the guy who voiced Luke (Yuri Lowenthal, which some of you may know better as the voice of Sasuke from Naruto...or Haseo from .Hack//Roots) also did the voice of Prince Alexander from the Veggie Tales movie, The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything (and that's where I lost about half of my audience). Anyways, Luke starts out as the spoiled, rich royalty boy, and Alexander is just a sweet little vegtable who fights to protect his sister. It seems that Tear, Natalia and Guy believe that Luke should learn to take lessons from a vegtable.

...you know what? It just manages to amuse me that Yuri Lowenthal, who has a tendency to do the angsty or just plain rude characters voiced a sweet little vegtable, but take it how you will...

If you can't read what everyone is saying, then I shall transcribe it here:
Tear: Wow Luke...That vegtable has a better attitude than you

Natalia: Yes Luke! As a noble you should be more concious of your attitude!

Guy: Man, their really beating on you... (but it is true)

...Luke is shorter than eveyone else...just ignore that :/

Don't go hatin' the Veggie Tales D:

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