I,myself (Fan Comic Portfolio) End of The World

I made this for a fanart challenge, but I didn't finish it in time. And it's more like a comic than a fanart, so that's why it's here.

So the challenge was by TheDarkAngel, and it was what you would do if you were the last person on earth. Hopefully, that helps explain the picture a bit. Now, I started this contest for practice, but also to try to win some requests to help get our future TV show out there: EPIC. Working title. But, because Yosei is so awesome, I get a little sketch anyway! Thank you!!!!!

About comic: Gas stations are ugly. Never really looked at one before. Yay, stick figure zombies! Cricket bats are perfect for zombie bludgening. ^_^ Yay, red plaid. And they are. I have to get butter lovers extra, because butter lovers just isn't all that buttered. And when I actually said that, it was late during a Peter Lorre movie. So I was in a wierd mood. Popcorn best for black and whites.^^
And last, after I figure out how, I will give a gift to anyone who is able to recognize all 4 references in this comic. That includes the songs.

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blood, challenge, cricket, dead, dredlocks, end, i, impala, myself, thedarkangel, world, zombie
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