KittyKoma (Fan Comic Portfolio) Prince Charming.... BAHAHAHAHAA!

Once apon a time, there was a princess named Danii. She lived a decent life, did well in school and got along with everyone. She had four princesses whom she believed to be her good friends. There was an incredibly beautiful one whom everyone loved, a plain, more ordinary princess, a fat, grotesque, and mean princess, and a gentle anorexic princess. One day Danii made a big big big mistake and ended up hurting one of her "friends" by accidentally falling in love with the prince her friend loved and breaking her heart when the prince chose Danii over her. Little did our princess know, the broken hearted princess told her other princess friends what happened. This came as a giant shock to them and they all got very mad. They beat princess Danii. They yelled, glared and did other mean things to her. They stopped being Danii's friends and went to comfort the broken hearted princess. Danii felt terrible. She knew she did wrong, she never wanted to hurt anyone. She felt so bad she thought no one would like her, so she locked herself away from everyone. One day her dear friend, Prince Danny was walking by and could hear the princess weep. The Prince stormed into the room to see what was troubling his friend. She told the prince what happened and he grew mad. For he knew all the princess wanted was for everyone to love her again, but as long as the four mean princesses still were high and mighty there was no chance for that to happen. Prince Danny was known as "Prince Charming". He could seduce anyone into anything and then rip it from under them. Not exactly very Prince like or charming for that matter, but Danny knew he could use this gift he had to make the princess feel better. One day, Prince Danny went through the down and met each one of the evil princesses. He wittingly charmed the four princesses into giving them their hearts. He took them all and even a few others that had done the princess wrong before and burned them right in front of them. As the hearts burned the princesses started to feel ill, like they're chests were burning. Soon enough the princesses were engulfed in flames and burned to ashes as the wind carried them away. Princess Danii could feel a load of hate being lifted from her as the hearts burned. She happily ran to Prince Danny and hugged him saying his name with praise, for her destroyed the bitche- i mean witches that were disguised and pretending to be her friend. Once the wind took the last grain of ash away everyone cheered for they were under the witches' spell and ran to the princess and told her how deeply sorry they were. The Princess told them there was no need to do that and that she was just happy the curse was lifted from them. Everything was back to normal. The Princess was loved again and could live happily with her prince and Prince Danny went back to seducing the ladies of the kingdom to sleep with him and the disgusting, mean bit- witches were gone forever. And they all lived happily ever after.
The End~

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