reirei18 (Fan Comic Portfolio) TUTO :: Hair Coloring (colored pencils)

as requested by iruka-sensei, here's the tuto in fan comics section.. *^^*

using colored pencils.. this is the simplest explanation i can do.. XD

if ur used in leaving some spaces for highlights, u can just skip step 1 or even skip step 2.. with practice u can do that too.. *^^*

u can also do the same trick for pencil shading..

here are some videos that may help u further since i didnt fast forward any of my tutorial vids, u can see how i did it..

coloring half of rei ayanami's hair..

simple hair shading..

i gave the drawing to someone so i wasnt able to scan it but i'll try to update this tutorial with a better image and coloring.. *someday* =P

i hope this little tuto can help u with ur coloring/shading.. if u have questions, just ask.. *^^*

character :: Kristine from my manga, "One Day You'll Meet Him"

manga pages :: manga clips.. *advertisment* XD

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