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Los ultimos creadores de estrellas
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Mugre viejilla salvaje xDD Muchos preguntaron esto, así que lo aclarare: Asuka SI es el creador mas viejo, sin embargo, los creadores tienen un envejecimiento mas lento que el nuestro, y por eso se ve tan joven.


1st panel=[Girl wizard says: Those stupid star creators have the fault! They can't do anything right! Their stars makes us danger!]
2nd panel=[Shaman says: Armida (the girl wizard) is right. We have get them out!]
3rd=The villiagers weren't convinced, so the magicians insisted until the next morning.
4th=[Old woman says: You're right. Kill them!]
5th=Asuka, the oldest creator, heard them. (The words coming in and out Asuka's ears are "Kill them-Kill them-Kill them")
6th=[Asuka says: Sons and daughters, villiagers are planning to get rid of us because of the xplosion of the Sea Star...]
7th=[Asuka says: That star helped the sailors find their way home. We have to go away!]
8th=[Creator says: But, Asuka, we can't just leave our civilization here...]
10th=[Asuka says: Then, do whatever you want. If you want to die in the magicians' hands, that's your decision. Who is gonna follow me?]

The old woman is so evil xDD Many people asked me this, so I'm gonna make it clear: Asuka IS the oldest creator, but they don't grow up as fast as we do. That's why he looks so young.

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