krizomet (Fan Comic Portfolio) Soul Revivers: The Undying Curse

Soul Revivers: The Undying Curse
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Genres: action, supernatural, fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, mystery, romance, drama, tragedy, slice of life

In a world where eight Demi-Gods live, a child with extraordinary senses was isolated from the people called Psycherians, who can use the powers created by Demi-Gods. Hildelga was believed to be a daughter of a demon due to her mismatched eye color and ability to see the structure of soul energy and "lies" of the people. Exaxuz, the Demi-God closest to her, tried to keep her away from the mistreatment of other Psycherians. When Exaxuz was sent on a mission with the other Demi-Gods, Hildelga was accused of assassinating the Priestlord. Hildelga was sentenced to death but found out the secret of the Demi-Gods' reincarnating soul and used it for her own. From generations to generations, the battle between the so called Infernal Witch and the Demi-Gods goes on as their undying soul continues to transfer from a corpse to a newborn body. How will the Demi-Gods find the Infernal Witch if her vengeful soul keeps on lurking in the modern world?

Chapters one, two and the first half of chapter three were created in year 2004 and edited them in photoshop when I started submitting pages here in TheO. So there's a difference (drawing style?) between those chapters and the recently drawn ones.


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action, comedy, drama, fantasy, krizomet, mystery, ocs, romance, sci-fi, slice of life, soul revivers, supernatural, tragedy, undying curse
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