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Ah, so this is the comic I'd never thought I'd upload here because number 1: it was so darn illegible. Number 2: I didn't want to post what is essentially the last story in my universe. Then I thought, hey these are just skeletons of my story anyway, why not post it? But it was still too darn illegible so I actually REDREW it all! However I made no attempt to update the style of the drawings. Matter of fact it's like I drew my original comic line for line. All I did was basically clean it up and made it easier on the eyes.

Ok background stuff on the comic. Since you don't get any sort of introduction until the 6th page. *laughs* I even wrote "oh man, did I forget to introduce the characters" *laughs* Anyway:

Mysterious Insignia is a comic set in the future focusing on brothers named Diego and Miguel de Leon. They're the descendants of myself (of course not in real life but the anime version of myself) and the series focuses on learning of the inner power that flows through their blood. Pretty simple, there's other stuff going on too, but I am not giving it away. (I still want you to read it you know)

Another thing is that I want you the reader to not just read the page quickly but to really pay attention to the panels. In this series I put hints on things that are about to come and I'd like to see if you can pick up on them. Also I put references to other characters that were in other series that I created. Mainly these references are historical but some of them are in similar character design and all that. I'm pretty sure you won't get those so I'll explain those as I put the pages up.

Another thing ENJOY and the high resolution thing... it's your friend!

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