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Bubbles combo book 2
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The bubbles combo book is a big book with a ton of different stories in it. I drew all of them, inked and coloured them. Bubbles is a character I made up. She/he was inspired by a beanie baby I got when I was a small child. Bubbles can be anything, Not like barbie, She can REALLY be anything! Anything to a kind person you meet on the street to a drug lord. There are many different types of bubbles and some were inspired by things I saw on the T.v. and some were ideas from my friends.

I use bubbles when I get a funny idea and I want to make a quick comic about it, or a quick sketch.

Ok, I know this says "Bubbles combo book 2" But it's true. the first one I made was a very long time ago and it took me forever!!! But I finished it and years later I decided to make another one! And here it is!

I really hope everyone enjoys the bubbles combo book. A lot of time and hard work went into it but it was really fun! I do take criticism so say what you want, good or bad I don't care. I would prefer good and constructive criticism, however, so I can see where I need to improve on my writing. (Same goes form any art I have on this site...)

The moron in your basement;
Haruka Kanata

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