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Tears for Roses

read right to left.
yeah, i have no idea where this came from. i was going to draw a stand alone comic featuring Shinji and Hotaru but this isn't what i meant to draw . . .
oh well! ^^
there is japanese.
Panel 1 saws: What happened?
Last panel says: Mew!

the story:
Hotaru and Shinji are stuck traveling together and come across Mew. The three become close. Hotaru and Shinji leave Mew and head back to the nearest town when suddenly they're attacked by evil trainers. Their Pokemon are knocked aside and KO'ed. The evil trainers send their evil Pokemon at them and Mew comes and blocks their attack! Mew takes a direct hit but manages to use teleport to get Hotaru and Shinji away. Hotaru saw everything flash by too quickly and asks: "What happened?" She sees Mew is sick from the direct hit. Shinji knows what's going to happen next and stays quiet. Hotaru is uterly shocked and bewildered as Mew colaspes to the ground. Mew manages to survive because of a near by PokeCenter.

Pokemon Fan Comics
hotaru, mew, paul, pokemon, shinji
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