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Ouran High School Host Club: Haruhi's Debut!
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Plot: New student, Ayumi, looks (almost) exactly like Haruhi, except for her blue eyes, longer hair, and terrible sense of fashion(like me). It's her first day and the first person she meets? Hikaru. Poor Hikaru feels awkward(sp?) around her even after she befriends the Host Club and becomes a regular. With her emotion reading skills she becomes cupid with Haruhi and Tamaki(usually having bad aim where she throws her arrow). Now that she's too good of friends with the Host Club her biggest plan is to host a talent show for the club. The only problem is, Haruhi doesn't have any talents(or does she?)! Will Ayumi's plan crumble to pieces? Or will something better happen? Find out in Ouran High School Host Club(The Fan Made Theme): Haruhi's Debut!
Genre: Romance Comedy
Rating: PG-13 (No Clue Why!)
This'll be MY version of the conclusion to Ouran High School Host Club, though I think I'll like Bisco Hatori's way better. I just wanted to add in my character instead of Renge, because she's not that big of a character and Mei is too normal(Except for the make-up part) to do Ayumi's part.

OH!! AND BEWARE OF SPOILERS!! Some extremely important things have happened in the newly released(in America) novels that I will be putting in here, so please be cautious!

Ouran High School Host Club Fan Comics
ayumi, comedy, cute, fanmanga, haruhi, romance
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