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Why does it hurt? Why does it end this way? He saw my heart, the blackness in my soul, the part of me that hates the world and wishes for my own death. He saw me, the me that is so afraid to be hurt that I hurt anyone who gets to close... He saw it, said he love me as a whole, said he would help take away that darkness... It was all a lie, when he couldn't get what he wanted he left... and it hurts, becuase he saw it all...
He saw my black soul, my ugly hate, my hopeless inner child. I let him in, made him one with my self, we said forever, we said oneday we would be a family that we would be one as mind and body- but all along he was after one thing, and like so many he left when he saw he wouldn't get it from me.
I think it hurts because I love him for such a long time, and he only wanted sex, and when I said no he said it was over. But I can smile knowing I didn't dirty myself for him...

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black, forever, him, love, me, soul
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