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The start of the series Lamento sillies, basically me having wacky fun with the series. You'll probably have to know the game pretty well to get the lame jokes I dish out.

Everything is posted at my LJ 1st (Friends Only Posts), and the my DA and here. Updates whenever.

Froud... reads?

As quoted from my DA, which quotes from my LJ:

A quick comic I did for Aphelion some time ago, because she inspired me and gave me ideas for many more comics to come.

As quoted from my LJ:

"Before you read this, let me explain:
aphelion_orion was telling me about how she read something which involves Froud reading a book. BUT FROUD'S BLIND, HOW THE HELL CAN HE READ UNLESS HE POKES BRAILLE ONTO THE PAPER OR SOMETHING???

And hence, this comic was born."

Sketched quickly in pencil and coloured in Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended.

I suppose more explanation would be needed for non-Lamento fans:

Froud, is this creepy devil who has this veeery creepy love hate relationship with Rai (like he lurrrrves Rai, but wants to see him bloody and all that, but that's all occuring in his head. The scariest part is that he appears normal on the outside). Rai, a Ribika, is oblivious to the lurrve part and plain dislikes him for always bothering him.

P.S. Shironeko-chan = white kitty

Froud and Rai from Lamento © Nitro+CHiRAL

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