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South Park Straw Hats
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This is one of the fancomics i'm still working on. This one's not finished yet so it will be a while till i make another post for this fancomic.

Disclaimer: I don't own any rights to South Park or One Piece. They belong to their respective creators and owners.

Warning: Anyone who has seen an episode of South Park knows this already, but I'll just mention this for anyone who doesn't know, South Park contains adult language and sometimes situations unsuitable for anyone under, let's say 14. But then again, so does One Piece.....I've seen some swearing in the subtitles. So if you are offended by bad language and immature humor at other's expenses, i might suggest you go no further than this page.

I'd also like to mention that the characters drawn by my hand in this comic will most likely look awful, and the story, impossible to happen, in other words, don't expect anything good, expect something crappy and all shall be well!

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