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Naruto's Catchphrase
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To state for the records, I do like Naruto! I used to love it in fact...that is until it started airing on Cartoon Network and I started seeing if everywhere. One of my main problems with the CN version is not only the horrid dubbs but the fact that they made Naruto say 'Believe it' flippin' ALL the time! I remember watching the subbs of the Japanese version in which Naruto would say 'dattebayo' once in a great while and they never even translated it since there wasn't anything to really translate it to.

So, this is where my comic comes in...the one line Naruto says in my comic was inspired by when I went into a store and saw Naruto chapstick...*smacks forehead* Wow! You can get the same chapstick for .99cents but if you want the one with Naruto's face on it, it costs $6!O_o

This is meant to be quick and amusing so I wasn't really going hard-core with the drawing aspect of it.

The character themselves were all outlined by hand with a regular Bic pen. The word bubbles, captions, and panels were done in Manga Studio Ex.

Naruto Fan Comics
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