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yay! this is the final version of incognito. a brand new version of manga for the brand new version of otaku. :3
my apologies to everyone who's gotten fed-up with me deleting and reposting, but i promise i won't do that again. i was still making lots of changes to incognito when i had it posted earlier, but this is the final (and better-looking) copy. :>

also, every 10 or so pages i'll have a special little coloured panel. as far as i've gone, there's going to be one on page 7. and yes, [mostly] all the manga'll be in screentones, but the chapter openings will be in colour. :D

so anyways, enjoy! if you have something you'd like to say, be free to leave a comment on whatever page you have a question on, or send me a pm if you'd like to chat (about pretty much anything :p).
incognito's dedicated in part to my bestest otaku buddy tay because she inspires me so much. :3

visit my world, Terrasomnium, for information and updates on the manga if you'd like.

a kitty!

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