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Two years already... and Brother Assassin is still in Chapter 3.
I don't know whether to pick up on this series or just hold it. :/
If you know the cameo in this page, high-five~ ;D

Since it had been months since the last update, I'll just post a brief summary.

1st chapter: Dark clans are known to fight with each other so peace contracts were formed to forge peace. Nonetheless, resealing the contract is a life-threatening ordeal since they sacrifice their blood and souls to the clan they owe peace to.
2nd and 3rd chapters: Kujyo was out shopping for groceries when Prince Marel and his bodyguard Li Yun from the Cruentus Clan ambushed him. Their ambush was because Kujyo's clan that is the Hisashii Clan did not reseal their peace contract with the Cruentus Clan so they are free to be attacked. Kujyo offered to reseal it but Marcel refused because he's a prince and is a valuable asset to his clan. While Kujyo is under attack, Ahizuka has to go and reseal the peace contract between Hisashii Clan and the Roulette Clan.

Side note:
Cruentus Clan: Masters of fire
Hisashii Clan: Healers

Frankly speaking, Prince Marcel is a mean bully. :I

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