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Read American style Left-Right!!^_^Well, here's my "premiere" manga so I hope you enjoy it! I plan on making a series of short stories revolving around the characters you're about to see and then possibly making it into one long manga. The basic storyline is that these 2 characters on the cover had a curse put on them that keep them literally, tied together. As in, they can only go a certain distance apart before an "invisible" rope will tug on the opposite person. So, if the elf guy starts to move, the human girl will feel the tug while he will barely feel a thing and vice versa if she were to start moving.I want people to PLEASE keep in mind that this was meant to be quick and sketchy because this is my practice run and I didn't want to put extensive time into every frame rather, to focus my attention on the storyline as well as the character's actions in general so please, don't nit-pick if there's some frames that aren't drawn perfect. I plan to really go hard-core with cleaned up frames later on when I do more short-stories with these 2. So, I hope you enjoy this little story because it was loads of fun to draw.^___^

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