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Classic Sketchbook Complilation
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Yeah I had a thing for creating Drive Forms for Kaiba. His jacket/duster/whateverucallit was perfect to implement these designs of them. I also have drawings of him in Valor/Brave Form, Final Form, and a Limit Form based on his outfit in the Duelist Kingdom Arc of Yu-Gi-Oh.

The picture frame was a piece of mat board my art teacher had given me and I used it to design a little picture inside this picture. Its a princess kitty. I had a thing for anime cats. They're cute. :3

Well anyways here is Seto Kaiba in Wisdom Form. Enjoy Sketch #9. More coming soon.
Quick question (please answer in comments): Would you guys like me to redesign KH Drive Forms for Kaiba? Please let me know. I need new inspirations. :3

UPDATE 6/15/19: This one had a horrible grainy image. It's updated to show more of the colors of this picture.

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