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Good Morning, Good Morning
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HEY, FRIENDS! IT'S TIME FOR THE SORT-OF-ANNUAL STEFAN AND GABE SKETCH COMIC...! Which for some reason is actually a thing I do, I guess. I did this comic last year, and this comic in 2011. Hm.
BUT YES, join me as I try to understand the science of comic-making through Stefan and Gabe. >:V I want to get better at drawing actual comics instead of just doodle comics with no panels, so I'm really trying my best with this comic this time around. *u* I HOPE YOU LIKE IT...! Also, this is going to be about 10-ish pages long. Not quite sure, yet.

Unlike the last sketch comic I did with Stefan and Gabe, this one takes place when they're actually going out. So yeah... this one's a little more lovey-dovey than the last one, haha. 8D; Still, everything's PG.

I thought the cover would be cute if Stef and Gabe were sleeping, but it doesn't make much sense for them to be sleeping, relative to the title.....
Also, in this comic, Gabe's hair isn't done up like it normally is. His hair looks like it does on the cover, I suppose. :m Hope he's still recognizable, aha;;;

ANYWAY, enough talking from me. I lost my train of thought. COMIC, WOO.

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