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Great title.

Have some random comic of Stefan and Gabe and the first time Stefan calls Gabe an embarrassing nickname! YEAH!! This takes place later than the current OFAV storyline, about a week or two after Stefan and Gabe start dating. What great awkward children.
Oh wait, they're adults of 28 and 30, heh heh... heh......

Stef usually just calls him Gabriel, or sometimes Gabe… but on super rare occasions, he calls Gabe “hon” or “sweet” or other corny things. Usually he’s kidding when he does this; he’s not one to use nicknames regularly. :V
If Gabe was dating some guy who wasn't Stefan, he'd probably call him "baby." Stefan refuses to be called "baby" or "babe" or things of that nature, because HE IS NOT A BABY IT DOESN'T EVEN MAKE SENSE WHY DOES THAT EXIST. ...the most cutesy nickname Gabe calls Stefan at any point in time is "Steffie." You can even see it in context right here!
(Also, I'm so surprised that that comic is already a year old. o_____o)

You know, I haven't actually thought about when OFAV ends. Would Stefan and Gabe start dating during OFAV, or would it be a different thing completely...?

And um... yep. Stefan and Gabe.

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