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Turning a Healthy Face Sickly
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And here is the final piece. A lot of things were messed around with here, so I best hop to it. The first thing I did was add a tear to Yuka's uniform. If you just add a jagged area of the person's skin colour this will work for the most part, but I also added a cut there. To create cuts I use a strong red for the actual cut and a lighter red for the area surrounding it before smudging slightly. To emphasise the deepness of the injury on her shoulder I added a dip where the strongest red was to imply that it had cut through more than one layer of skin. After I did the cuts (both cheek as shoulder) I sketched in thread with a small brush and blurred. After I did this, I coloured in the mouth and drew in some lines on the lips to imply dried out lips. After I completed this I made the shadows even darker by going on a separate layer and colouring over the shadows with a dark red before blurring and altering the variation to be slightly bluer. After this was done I went on with the line work, blurring slightly to make the lines seem more natural. Finally, I added a background which also helped me see the areas that needed more smudging or to be erased. I scribbled in a ghosty ghost and finally flattened the image once I was happy with everything. Before posting up, I changed the variation so everything was darker and bluer.
This took three hours overall.

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