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NAME: Ichigo Momomiya

AGE: 13 (16 by end)

RACE: Mutant

HEIGHT: 5'3 (final height is 5'6)

D.O.B: March 15th

PERSONALITY: She is known for her bold and upfront personality. At times this makes her appear overwhelmingly fierce as her first introduction to Elliot resulted in her almost knocking him out. She's incredibly stubborn and hates being restrained more than anything else. She has a kind heart and is always worried about her companions. Equally, she is conflicted about fighting the Cyclonians, but her own need to save her race keeps her fighting. In other words, she's a stubborn, violent softie.

APPEARANCE: She had thick red hair to her shoulders which she normally ties into bunches; frequently tying her hair into eccentric hairstyles if stressed or bored. She has bright red eyes as a result of the mutation (much like the other members who have strong colours for their eyes as well). She is incredibly strong physically and this shows especially over time.

SKILLS: Like other members her healing rate is six times stronger than most humans, and this is equal in physical strength and speed and endurance. However, once her short temper has been triggered, she is far stronger than she lets on. Zakuro, who had six more injections than her, was almost taken down by Ichigo in a burst of rage trying to strike Elliot down. This implies that perhaps she had suppressed strength hidden long since the injection.

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