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Children of the Moon
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Summary: For Shikori, the youngest daughter of Tsukihime of the House of the Moon, Lady of the Western Lands, her family never meant much to her. How could they when one day her brothers would be forced to fight to the death in order to claim their rightful place as Lord of the Western Lands?

But she wasn't going to just sit by and let tradition stay tradition. Having fallen in love with her eldest brother, Ryu, Shikori will stop at nothing to make sure that he wins, even if that means killing her two remaining brothers herself.

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or any of its characters.


Reads right to left.

Before you read this story, there are a few things you need to understand. There will be offensive, blood and gory, minor sexual themes in here. There will be incest. There will be death and there will definitely be angst. However, at the same time there will be happy, laugh-out-loud moment.


If you are one of my old watchers you may remember this doujinshi. A year or so ago, I started this doujinshi and published around seventeen pages but deleted them all a couple weeks ago.


Although I didn't like the art, the real reason why I deleted the pages was because it wasn't serious. I didn't bother spending my time on the pages and the characters and storyline wasn't fully developed. I knew that if I just continued, nothing would make sense and the characters wouldn't have an actual characterization. The art, while bad were mostly half an hour sketches that I just wanted to get over and done with.

The weeks I've been away, I got yelled at by KonosaWatasuki (on DeviantART) for abandoning one of my longest doujinshi ideas. So I went over my basic story outline that I had and detailed it. Gave my characters an actual personality and revised the story.

The beginning will very similar to old pages. However, there will be very important changes: The art obviously had gotten better. I also spent my time on each and ever page. I did not rush through any of them (every time I got tired of doing a page, I just save it for later). Because of this, important small details have been included. Details that will foreshadow future events.

Don't worry, this doujinshi will no longer get redone again and again and again. Of this, I promise you.


Sesshomaru's Mother (Tsukihime) and Sesshomaru ---> Rumiko Takahashi
Shikori, Ryu, Toya, Azura ---> Kairou Watoshimi

Inuyasha Fan Comics
Azura, Doujinshi, Inuyasha, Kairou Watoshimi, OC, Original Character, Ryu, Sesshomaru, Sesshoumaru, Shikori, Toya, Tsukihime
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