UnknownKey (Fan Comic Portfolio) Just in case the world ends

1. Fifty shades of gray is stupid, don't read it. Espshally in a coffee shop where people can see you....... not that I did hehe......

4. I have a feeling if I said I was bi to someone they'd say I was confused and to pick one.... so I keep it to myself. don't tell.

5. Don't worry (Or worry), I'm not going to get a nose job. I think if there is a god then he made me this nose for a reason so when I turn my head I can knock people to the ground. To be fair I broke my nose three times as a child.... so this isn't the nose god gave me. its the one football, basket ball, and my mom's boyfriend gave me... but still.

Lastly.... I know its stupid to think the world will end just because the Mayans stopped making their calendar.... But I still feel a little worried. I think I'll breath easier when its 12/22/12.

If it is the end of the world then I hope its Zombies, they're slow ^^. AND I love all of you guys. Its been fun. <3

So anyone even a little worried??? really worried? thinks its funny??? can't wait? and if the world had to end.... how would you want it to end??????

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