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Inuyasha: Next generation, "The last dragonfly"
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Boredom. It catches up with all of us now and then. Humans and gods alike. But what if that god, rather “goddess”, couldn’t handle this point of utter dullness in life. What if she wanted entertainment? And what is she wanted it to do with the Inutaisho demon family? What if her desire was blockaded with the fact that the entire Inutaisho family was too old to travel or fight in battles, that they had kids with an equally strong enough power source. And that World War II or “the last good war” was approaching? Meet Muteki Inutaisho, a highly skilled Japanese soldier with the old fashioned taste for samurai apparel from the feudal era and green tea. Son of the highly acclaimed army General. Inutaisho…..or Sesshy! Now meet Tonbo Richards, you’re not-so-average teenage girl. A half-Japanese, half American red head. A depressed teenager with amazing violin skills that no one bothers to discover. Years of bullying can do much more harm to you than any sword fight out there. A well behind her school, perfect resting place….nobody will find her down there. The thing is, when you mean “down there” you actually mean the warring era of World War II, Japan.

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