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a sence from a book i writing call "If i was Alice in Wonderland" the hero(Shan ali) meets the cat. the cat tell Shan about her little son name Loin(He's dad was a Loin)

I walked behind the cat. "Oh, Shanny~!I told my son all bout you!" the cat grin at me. "Um...He name is Loin,Yes?" I asked. "Yup!He's Daddy was a loin!" She said with pride. as we walk I wonder how could a cat and a loin have a child..."Grr!" said Loin.I step back a little. loin jump up and bit me on my hand."OW!" I yelled. "Loin stop right now!" I couldn't help myself I began to cry.loin looked at me. he let go of me and run off "Loin! get back here!" after a few second Loin did came back with a band aid in his hands. he warp he band aid round my hand, when he was done he smiled and warp his tail round my hand saiding "I love my mommy Shan"

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