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From the Mind of a Kid
Short random comics
May 2012-present

Ah! So this is going to be the place where I post some little very random comics. Just getting my thoughts out on paper in comic form is really gonna help me^^ I've been working on a few weird strips for fun and practice. They're really not much of a big deal but I still would like to share them with you all! :D

Warning: Its gonna get sloppy sometimes @_@ And don't expect a whole lot or consistent submissions... I'm drawing these to get ready for my real manga!

Dedication: I could dedicate this to a lot a people!! THANKYOU to all who have helped me out and inspire, support, and encourage me to keep going!! :D
But I'll get more into special thankyou's in one of my next posts here^^

Please take care of me^^ (You already do!)

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