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I enjoy making single page comics! I've been experimenting a little so tell me what you think!

This was inspired by true events. My best friend always struggled with school and everyone, including the tutors, just thought she wasn't trying hard enough. Even though she went to tutoring every day! She would study in her free time yet people told her things like "well, just study more!" or "you obviously aren't letting it sink in!"
I always hated it when people preach to others and give them generic and useless advice. Especially when they say things like "I was like you until I stopped slacking off". There is a difference between failing because you slack off and failing because you honestly just don't understand!
For example, if someone can't draw, it's not because they aren't trying hard enough, some people just aren't very artistic. They could learn but it may be more difficult for them then others. Their talents may lie elsewhere such as literature or math!

Sorry for the rant but I feel people need to realize things like this.

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