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A story based on the Fairy Tale Snow White

Once upon a time during the feudal era in Japan, the emperor's son suzaku is in love with a local farmer's daughter. The daughter, born on the first night of winter, named Kiyomi, has beautiful snow white skin and silver hair.

Suzaku's mother, empress Kaguya, enraged that Suzaku has fallen for such a low class girl, sends a samurai to get rid of Kiyomi for good.

The samurai waited until Kiyomi was deep in the moutains and pushed her into a lake. Little did he know the lake was enchanted, and instead of drowning, Kiyomi fell through time and arrived in modern Japan.

Kiyomi ended staying at the estate of the wealthy Kuraba's in exchange of working there as a maid. As she spends more time with the family ful of 7 children, all distant relatives, she becomes engulfed and learns what it's like to love and be loved.

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