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This is one for Vocaloid fans and comic creators alike!

I'm sure a lot of you have heard of Alice Human Sacrifice videos?

If you haven't or need a refresh, check for the links towards the bottom!

So what you need to do for this contest is make a comic about the 5th Alice!

I saw a lot of comments with people making up who the 5th Alice would be and I thought it'd be a perfect challenge^^


1. Stick to the lyric-rule of the song in the videos!

*What do I mean by this? I mean you must include words in your comic that would fit with the song if it continued!

Here's the lines about the first Alice (not my translation!)

"The first ALICE was a gallant red one
Wielding a sword in a hand in the wonderland
Slicing down everything in her way
She was followed by a bloody red path.
This new ALICE deep in the woods
Was trapped as a wanted fugitive
If it weren't for the red path that she made
No one would think that she even existed."

2. Do NOT use another Vocaloid, Utauloid, etc. as your 5th Alice!

*You may use an OC(original character) or a person you know in real life, or yourself but do NOT use a Vocaloid, Utauloid, etc.

*Why? Because I would hate it if everyone used the same people over and over>< Let's be creative people!

3. Keep it pretty much PG-13!

*Killing is allowed but not a ton of gruesome details><

4. No horrible swearing!

*that's just not necessary! Words like"hell" are fine but don't use F*ck! That's not needed.

5. Don't use other's OCs without their permission!

*You must ask before using an OC that isn't yours!

6. Don't use one of the 5th Alice comments on youtube to make your comic!

*Be creative and come up with your own! ALL your work must be your own!

7. Must include "lyrics" or words to narrate the story! (ties in with number 1)

8. Limit of 2 submissions per person!

9. Don't flame or hate on other's comics! You WILL be disqualified!


What Counts:

1. Color is better but black&white is fine as well^^
2. the creativity of the comic! (the words, character, desing , etc)
3. the appreance (and effort!)
4. Did you follow the rules?
5. And if you put a page or cover with the 4 original Alices, that's a bonus! (not necessary though)


I'm doing things a little differently this time...

If 1-5 comics are entered, 1 winner will be picked

If 6+ are enterd, I will pick either 2 or 3 winners will be picked (based on number).

1st place: A drawing of your Alice done by me plus a wallie, card, or another fanart

2nd: Drawing of your Alice plus a card

3rd: A Drawing of your Alice or a card


Lyrics in English to the original song


Another Video

Good Luck~!


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