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For this challenge, I want you to create a one-page shot about anything you want...something funny, something serious, something dramatic...but it must be just one page long. The page can have as many panels as you need, but it should be no longer than one page. So a short four to eight panel comic strip about anything you want....you can even parody my own work, if you like!

It can be funny, tender, romantic...but it must be no longer than one page. Here's why:

The three winners will be featured in the September issue of The Underground, which is an ezine I'm launching this month. (for more information about the ezine, visit my profile and click on my world "Underground")

The winners will, of course, also get a nice, shiny medal.

If your entry doesn't make the cut of the top three, it may still make it into a future issue of The Underground.

Good luck, and have fun!

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