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You hear funny stories about horribly dubbed anime from the olden days and scary scenes where the lips are still moving but the words have stopped coming right? Well I think we here at the otaku can do some awesome sylybic drawings to elliminate any question as to what our characters are trying to say.

It's easy really all you have do do are follow these rules:
1. Pick a word
2. however many syllables it has is how many panels you need.
3. draw the lips of any character, original or fanart, at the stages of saying the word. One set of lips for each syllable.
4. if one of your chosen word's syllables is too slurry or long, make it two pannels
5. write the syllables under your character. Somewhere. Anywhere put them there.
6. after your word is finishe, include a full body sketch of your character used and saying the full word in a word bubble. preferable have character with something about the word. For example, if your word is carrot, hav them holding a carrot.
7. coloring is not necesarry, i prefer black and white but it is acceptable many entries as you want.
9. your word can not be made up
10. no doubles, if someone else used the word u wanted, pick a different one
11. hav fun!

okay i hope i covered everything!

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