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We all love four panel comics! They're comics, they have four panels, and most important, they're funny! Who here isn't guilty of skipping to the end of full metal alchemist to read the four panel comics? I am. Did you know that Lucky was originally a four panel comic?

What I want you to do young warrior, is to make the funniest, wittiest four panel comic you can!

- Keep it within theO restrictions. (No nudity, graphic stuff etc.)
- Can be done with any meduim
- You can enter as many times as you wish
- That's about it for rules!

Just keep in mind that if you use OCs from your original story using a joke relevant to the story, I probably won't get it, and therefore not pick you as a winner.

In spirit of the contest the single winner (yes, only one) will receive a four panel comic done by yours truly!

Have fun! I can't wait to see your entries!

The results!

Congrats to Village Idiot who won with 'Gum'! It's so simple yet so effec tI was laughing for ages. Also, I'm very proud of everyone's entries so everyone else will get a consoltion prize from me consisting of a sketch of anything you want~!

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Gum ~VillageIdiot
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