PheonixFox Stick Figure Oneshot!

The title says it all! I'm (mostly?) known for my comic, Stik., so I started to wonder what other short comics people can come up with using Stick Figures. XD You can use as many stick figures as you want, or even just one, and can even base them on characters of either your own or from a manga or anime! They can be done on MSPaint, regular paper, photoshop, or whatever method floats your boat!

Assuming, that is, you can draw Stick Figures [insert evil chuckle here] (a lot of people cant XD)

And don't be shy if you even want to use Tifany or Shade or anyone from Stik.! XD (I give you my permission to use them, but you don't have to XD)

After Contest: The winners have been placed in place of First to Last, by order of Subscriptions gained and Hugs-per-Page. Awesome job, guys! ^_^ Thank you for participating!

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Pixie Stix ~gamer777
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