Lame Super Heros

Simple: Just draw a comic about a totally uncool super hero(?) fighting some kind of weird monster.

Characters must original, but I'm not asking for anything too creative about them.
After all, they should be lame heros.

I will allow parodies of anime, TV shows, Movies etc. But make sure their famous ones.

About 1-3 pages would be a good length, but more would be fine

I will most likely be judging by how funny it is and how lame the hero is :P
So don't worry if you think your art isn't good enough ^^

Tip: A good way to make a simple hero is to take a house hold item.
The monster might be something that goes together with the hero item.

Example (CANNOT USE): A pencil hero called "The Ultimate Pencil" fighting a simple paper monster that kinda looks like Domo-kun. Saves the day by writing the world "Good" on it.


See? It's that easy!

Good luck and have fun!

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