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To help support my petition for Art/manga collaboration I decided to hold a contest for it. So make a manga that would somehow represent this petition) It's up to you weather to make it a Comedy, Romance, Drama, etc...

*stay within Otaku rules (keep strictly pg-13)
*OC's are both welcome and recomended
*you may use characters from other anime/manga-(crossover's would be recommended in this case)
*must have something to do with art and manga collaboration.
- example: you could either have two people working on a manga/fan art together or you could actually work a manga with another person. (you could even do something where they write it or you draw it. It's all up to you)Even if you do work on it with another person it should still have something to do with the theme itself.
*in your submissions if you could include the link to the petition that'd be awesome ^_^
*yaoi and yuri is allowed as long as you stick with the first rule.
* If your manga has nothing to do with Art/manga collaboration I'll have to disqualify it
*Your Manga can be as short as a one paged manga, or a short series. I won't disqualify you for doing too many pages but at most I'd recomend 10-20
if ya guys have any questions feel free to ask to sign the petition go to this link

Or go to my profile and click on Contests and petitions world.

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Piece by Piece ~Gadriann
Ladybug ~H2yk
Sailor Moon Neos: Saga l ~
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