PheonixFox 1000 Ways of the Irony

We all bare witness to the wonder of irony nearly every day! And most of the time, it's hilarious to boot.

Like looking for a pencil absolutely everywhere, only to find that it's in your hand or behind your ear. Yeah...

So step right up and show what kind of loony fun irony's dished out to you! You may use anime/manga characters, OCs, your own avatar-person-thing, etc! Just try to keep it a appropriate...

There's no real rules, besides the fact that it should be a comic, as this is indeed the fan comics section. But that is default.
Also, try to make sure any writing is readable. Meaning, font that isn't so tini an ant would be struggling to read it and whatnot.

There will be three winners, the first for Subscriptions, the second for most Hugs-per-page, and the third for the one I like the most (because I'm in charge of this challenge and get to! >D).

Good luck! I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

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Irony bites ~xlolfishx
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