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So a couple of months ago, I did a similar challenge, and no one entered on time, so like promised, here it is again. Of course anyone is welcome to enter. And note you only have to do a section for each page, just pick a bit from the context provided (Like the description is headshots/angles and the action page is how to draw action etc. Not too intimidating, right?)

To test your skills at adapting a manga from a story.

The given story is my sequel series, YuYu Hakusho Beyond! in which I'll present excerpts that you can interpret for a page. Just as anime and manga are different, you are at liberty to change things and present concepts in a new manner!
4-pages are required: Cover Page; Action Page; Discussion Page; Filler Sketch
(you don't have to submit them all at the same time, but they must all be included by the due-date to avoid disqualification)
You may submit more pages if you'd like, ie if you want to use 3 pages to really clinch an action sequence or something.
It can be either Eastern or Western style (right to left or left to right, just specify which way you are going)

Yusuke is about 21 years old in the series, so here are some references of how the characters look different. (of course you can use your own style for the manga since that also varies between anime and manga)
My fanart of Midori if you include her in a shot.

Cover Page
Be creative in a nice Manga Cover. Have at least one of the 4 main characters. Have "YuYu Hakusho Beyond!" as the title and a Sub-name and Volume Number. You can make up something, but if you can't think of anything and are not familiar with the series, you may default with Vol.1 and call it "Back in Action" (Not that I have the anime laid out as a manga yet XD). This page should be fully colored. White can be a background, as long as it looks like a real manga cover (ie, Spiral has characters and white, but there is a border and a pattern of dots as well)

Action Page
Action bores me, so the challenge here it to make a page that will excite me. Here is a scene and you may take any section to layout in one page. If you are familiar with the series and would like to do a page from another action sequence, you may.

Discussion Page
Here I will be looking for layout and pacing. Not too much crammed in, but not too slow. Nice eye movement. Here is the scene you can base this page off of. If you are familiar with the series and would like to do a page from another scene, you may.

Filler Sketch
We end with a fun page! Yes it will be mostly blank with a titled square with a sketch or a fun little plot-less "manga-ka experience" or game with characters acting OOC. Some ideas include~ chibi's! something that was referred to but not shown (ie Yusuke and Jin flying around), characters in a different time/country. The drawing can be rough outlined sketched or detailed and shaded. Something to show off your personality!

Every participant will receive a medal, the three most intriguing will get gold while others will get silver.
A Gift for those who enter. You may request which gift you'd like ^^ (otherwise I'll pick whichever I fancy at the time of sending...like cat, pocky, or suishi)
First Place will be offered to do their own manga version for the Beyond! series. They can refuse the offer if they wish.
If more time is needed then just mention. This will be the last challenge I hold for it for medals, but I can hold off some the 'offical' first place ^^ as well as reserve a Gift

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