Artgrrl All Hail Harry Potter!!!

I've had this idea for a while. Ever since I noticed that there's been book series made into graphic novels/manga; Vampire's Kiss, Maximum Ride, Twillight (SO UNFAIR!!), Gossip Girl, The Clique
Why couldn't there be a Harry Potter graphic novel/manga????? It freakin' should!
There was talk of a Harry Potter anime but I think that's just a rumor.

So my challenge is to make a comic of Harry Potter! Not the entire series of course.
It can be a one short, or a comic version of your favorite scene or your favorite chapter of Harry Potter.

~Please follow rules of theO
~can be in any media
~can be in any style, doesn't matter if its anime, cartoon or realistic
~Must be your OWN artwork, no stealing and no tracing.
~A comic of a complete chapter (or most of it) from one of the books must have a cover
~Or a comic of your collection of favorite moments/scenes/chapters
~Please keep in canon since this challenge is about drawing your favorite part of the series by either books or movies
~Can be in color or black and white

It will be judge on creativeness, quality, and effort

You'll have three months to work on this. That should be plenty of time.

As for prizes I'll PM the winners about it.
Have fun artists and Harry Potter fans!!!!

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Harry Potter
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