It's Good to Laugh!

Ah, hello everyone, this is, as you may be able to tell, my first challenge heh ^^'. Well anyway, since I was just promoted, I have decided to make a comic challenge, there just isn't enough of those! So for this challenge, I want you all to create a comic! Simple, eh? It just has to make me laugh! It can be a stand alone comic or a "series". You can use your oc's, anime/manga/videogame characters, and, if you are using mine or someone else's characters ask first, then give credit were credit is due.

Now, What Everyone Loves, Rules!
-If you are doing a series, then please nothing over 5 pages
-if you put yaoi in it I beg, please nothing to extreme no yuri at all
-keep it under pg13
-no crude or disqusting jokes
-it does not have to be colored
-it can be traditional or digital
-there can be as many panels on one page as you wish
-unlimited entries
-please dedicate your work to me, unless you have someone you really want to dedicte it to, then thats alright

If you have anymore questions feel free to ask me!

Those shall be decided, later.

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When Axel Meets The Harvest King... ~Kaagemusha
Not at the table... ~Natsu nii
Underestimating the Tides ~superstarpanou
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