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So as Chigatana's editor I feel like I should be responsible for posting her challenge since she can't do it. So here's her challenge:

It has come to my attention, (again),that seems that Willow seems to have no friends from school besides Queen, this must be remedied.

So I hearby submit a challenge, to those who are willing, to create friends for Willow.

I leave their designs in your capable hands, and feel free to summit more than one character. NOTE that created personalities are subject to change by me to fit the story if need be.

I will choose 5 from the list as the friends, all those who do not make it will still appear just in different roles.

Thanks and have fun!

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ShingetsuHime Kaagemusha
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Steven and Anna ~Bluemoon Halo
April and May ~Pomegranate12
The Drow Twins ~artypants1017
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