Rainbow Dragon (Fan Art Portfolio) Wonderful Wonder World -Jessica ver.-

Wonderful Wonder World -Jessica ver.-
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Characters from left to right :(top row) Blood Dupre, Alice Liddell, Jessica Ushiromiya, Ace
(bottom row: Asa Ushiromiya (OC KID), Dum Ushiromiya(AU), Rika Ushiromiya(AU), Dee Ushiromiya (AU), and Ame (Ah-may) Ushiromiya (OC KID)


Holy shiz...I spent so LONG on this drawing. I started this earlier this afternoon, took a break in between... because I needed one after drawing the first group on the bottom and then I resumed the rest later this evening. Well it's early in the morning when I'm positing this. Overall, I spent over 5-6 or more hours working on this drawing. I don't usually make group drawings like this...but I wanted to make something to use for the cover of my upcoming crossover fanfiction...so this is what I came up with....

The first chunk was drawing Rika with the twins as well as their kids....who will be featured in my upcoming story. Their names are Asa Ushiromiya and Ame Ushiromiya. Asa is on the left next to Dum and Ame is on the right next to Dum, hugging him. I'm still trying to come up with some interests for these kids.

Asa is a bit more reserved and Ame is a bit more outgoing. She enjoys reading, archery, and spending time with her parents...she's more extroverted then her twin brother, Asa is. Asa enjoys reading, music, studying, learning new things, and playing by himself when he can. Although he eventually develops an interest in different types of weapons when he gets older. Ame takes up archery when she reaches about 8 or 9 or so. Again, still working out the kinks for their personalities and interests and what not.

Working on this illustration was challenging. The first group of Rika and the Bloody Twins plus their kids took me a little over three hours to complete...figuring out the posing, making sure things were as proportional as possible while working on the drawing was a bitch to say the least.

I did my best to make their poses as proportional as possible....but it gave me a hard time, especially since I wanted to include the kids in there too. Lots of redrawing, erasing, drawing over again. At one point, I finally just went over the lineart I had drawn in at the time with ball point pen because I was sick of fading pencil lines....then I added Dee and Asa a little later and their poses were difficult as well.

For Dum and Asa's posing, I decided to have them holding the axe because I thought it would be neat. Asa later on will take an interest in his dads' weapons and thinks axes and swords are cool. I changed the design slightly to reflect their new status as Ushiromiyas since they married Rika in my last story and took her last name, whom she was gifted the last name from Ange. Jessica will be a cousin to them and when she finds out, it will cause some conflict in the story.....still planning it....

Then finally, I worked on the back half with Jessica on the swing, Blood and Alice in one chunk and then Ace on the right. I decided to add roses to the swing ropes to make it a little more visually interesting. Plus I felt like it needed something. This is my first time drawing Ace from Heart no Kuni no Alice. I tried to draw him in his assembly outfit because I thought it looked nice. I also drew Alice and BLood in their assembly wear as well...although you can't see it with Blood since Alice is partially covering him lol.

Materials: Sketchbook, pencil, colored pencils, Phone (for taking picture of drawing), Photoshop for color enhancements
Spent: 5-6+ hours (roughly)

Alice in the Country of Hearts Fan Art
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